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3. Muscle Strain Monitoring using FSRs

Team Members: Kavita, Dhushyanth, Nikhil Kunjoor and Benak

In the recent past, people have adapted to a sedentary lifestyle with the work-from-home in place. After a long period of isolation, people realize the importance of exercise and fitness. This leads to enthusiasts developing injuries due to exercising wrong postures and techniques in their workout routine. They risk permanent muscle damage, which needs to be prevented. Any delay in care could be fatal for the physiological well-being of the user in question.

We propose to use a piezoresistive sensor due to its reliability, low cost, and robust nature. Our device would be portable and operate on low power. We propose to use Actor critic-based RL algorithms to provide suggestions to the user and predict fatalities before they occur. Our device would also have the feature of inter-device communication for synchronized data collection and analysis. We can also provide supportive visual interaction for correction.

We note the benefits and impact of this product for daily targeted exercises. As this device would be portable and robust using non-invasive techniques, there is no requirement for a medical professional to install/use this device at home. This can be used to improve the quality of diagnosis and life of chronically ill and distant patients.

3. Muscle Strain Monitoring using FSRs
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