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Dr. Madhura Purnaprajna


My research interests lie in design space exploration towards next-generation parallel and customizable computing. At the micro-architecture level, my research looks at coming up with novel computing architecture to address customizable and adaptable parallel computing.

Vinay Reddy

 Assistant Professor

Vinay is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of ECE, PES University - EC campus, and is also a part-time research student. His research interests include  Digital System Design, Computer Architecture, and Verification.


Mahesh Awati

Associate Professor

Mahesh is currently working as an associate professor in the depart meant of ECE, PES University - EC Campus, and is also a part-time research student. His interests are Digital VLSI and Embedded Systems.


Dr. Madhusudan Atre 


Dr. Madhusudan V. Atre is Visiting Faculty (Indian Institute of Science and KLE Tech Univ), Consultant/Advisor (to Government, Start-Ups/Incubators/Accelerators, Academia) and a co-founder of a technology startup.. He brings 30+ years of executive and technical experience in technology, executive management, and leadership roles across many technology domains. Dr. Atre had earlier been India Managing Director of AMD, Applied Materials, LSI India, Agere Systems, and Lucent Tech Microelectronics. He also had management responsibilities at Texas Instruments, and the DRDO. He is a Certified Coach from a) and “Certified Global Leadership Coach” by “Marshall Goldsmith” and b) “Global Coach Group” Dr. Atre got his 5-year integrated M.Sc. (Physics) from IIT-Bombay and Ph.D. (Theoretical Physics) from IISc-Bangalore. He has research experience at TIFR-Bombay, PRL-Ahmedabad, and universities in the U.S. and Italy.

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Ashuthosh M R

Ashutosh has a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from PES University Bangalore. He is currently working on design and high-speed implementation of Error-correcting codes in high-performance communication systems. His research includes digital system design and Signal Processing.


Research Assistant
Teaching Assistant

Kunal Ghosh

Guest Lecturer

Kunal Ghosh, co-founder and Director of VLSI System Design (VSD) Corp. Pvt. Ltd., has been at the forefront of VLSI education, leveraging a cloud-based platform to train over 40,000 engineers across the globe in 40+ languages. Working with prestigious Indian institutes like IIT Madras, Bombay, and Guwahati, VSD has facilitated Faculty Development Programs, benefiting around 6000+ students domestically. The VSD community boasts the largest collection of free, open-source analog, digital, and mixed-signal IPs using Skywater 130nm technology, contributing to over 20+ tape outs. Before establishing VSD in 2017, Ghosh led several technical roles at Qualcomm's Test-chip business unit, focusing on Physical design and STA flow development of 28nm, 16nm test-chips. He also served as Lead Sales Application engineer for Cadence's Tempus STA tool. A postgraduate in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, Ghosh specialized in VLSI Design & Nanotechnology. He worked as a Research Assistant on projects such as "Sub-100nm optimization using Electron Beam Lithography" and characterization of RTL generated from Cto-RTL AHIR compiler. These projects aimed at optimizing electron beam lithography tools, developing sub-100nm MOSFETs, and characterizing RTL for power, performance, and area using standard ASIC tool chains

Academic Collaboration.

Rajesh V

Intel India

Ulrich Rueckert

University of Bielefeld, Germany

Jens Hagemayer

Cognitronics & Sensor Systems

Neel Gala

InCore Semiconductors

Gabriel Falcao

University of Coimbra, Portugal

Mihir Mody

Texas Instruments

Mario Porrmann

Osnabruck University

Paolo Ienne

EPFL, Switzerland

SK Nandy

IISc, Bengaluru

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