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  • CHIPS gets the CHIPS2Startup grant from MEITY, in collaboration with InCore Semiconductors and Cochin University. For more info, visit:

  • Summer School on FPGA-based System Design from July 4th to 8th 2022.

  • "A.K. Choudhary Best Paper Award" at The 35th International Conference on VLSI Design and The 21st International Conference on Embedded Systems (VLSID2022) for our paper titled MAPPARAT: A Resource-Constrained FPGA-Based Accelerator for Sparse-Dense Matrix Multiplication authored by M. R. Ashuthosh, Santosh Krishna, Vishvas Sudarshan, Srinivasan Subramaniyan and Madhura Purnaprajna

  • Research Proposal accepted by Semiconductor Research Corporation! - Read More

Invited Talks.

  • Industrial Physics Simulations using High-Performance Computing, by Dr. Soumyadeep Bhattacharya SankhyaSutra Labs, a subsidiary of Jio Platforms, Reliance Industries Ltd. on 04.02.2022

  • Customizable, Domain Optimized RISCV-based FPGA Overlays, by Rajesh Vivekanandham, Programmable Solutions Group at Intel India, 06.02.2021

  • Chip Design Cycle, by Namratha Jaisimha from Intel, November 04.11.2020

  • Resource-efficient processing platforms for the edge, Mario Porrmann, University of Osnabruck, Germany, September 2020  

  • Timing and Power Optimisations during the Synthesis of Digital Circuits by Nanditha Rao, IIIT Bangalore, August 2020

  • rvnewop: A RISCV New Instruction Recommender System by Nagendra Gulur, University of North Texas and Texas Instruments, Dallas, September 2020

  • Talk at Asia Innovation Summit 2021Read More

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